Jericoacoara National Parque

“Where are you going to publish the photos?” a six years old boy asked when he saw me walking on the seashore, barefoot, slippers in one hand while balancing with the other one the heavy photo camera dangling from my neck. I came to a sudden stop and gave him a confused look while automatically replying “I don’t know yet”. He greeted my answer with a quick and suspicious glance, as if he feared I was from another planet “Why, you don’t have internet?”.

Being on a remote beach in a small former fishermen village, hidden between sand dunes, in the northernmost municipality of the Brazilian state of Ceará, I would say that having internet was not the most obvious thing. And that was actually the case some years ago when Jericoacoara, or Jeri, had its houses powered by generators and the streets illuminated only by milliards of stars. Nowadays electricity reaches the village through underground cables offering the comfort of hot water, air conditioning and of course internet, although the no street lighting policy has been maintained.

Since 2002, the area of Jericoacoara has been proclaimed National Parque. Without any doubt, the 9000 hectares of preserved nature will enchant you at the first glance: extensive and astonishing beautiful beach areas, awe-inspiring sand dunes, crystal-clear sweet water lagoons, countless places for windsurf and kitesurf lovers, delicious food, welcoming people, etc. In a few words: a recipe for a glorious, unforgettable time.

Constantly active, tireless, and almost with a tangible texture, the wind is always present, from gently caressing and refreshing the skin to mercilessly puncturing you with thousands of small needles. But above anything, it is the wind the artist that you will remember, the one that since incommensurable times is responsible for withdrawing the sand from the ocean and building the breathtaking dune-landscape surrounding Jericoacoara.

It came as no surprise to me to learn that Jeri is one of the most popular destination throughout South America and worldwide. Its natural beauty and richness, wild and picturesque landscapes barely touched by technology it is attracting every year more and more tourists. I truly hope that the authorities and Jeri’s inhabitants will value and protect its fragile ecosystem already threatened by the lack of rain.

If you are curious to find out more, please take a look to the photographs and corresponding comments. Enjoy!

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