Magical Starry Skies

Out there, glittering in the dark, there is an universe we barely know and understand.

Since the ancient times, we’ve looked into the night sky attracted by its beauty and mystery. We’ve worshiped it, feared its cosmic power, to ultimately study it and try to understand its secrets.
Our sun is a star, the closest one to our planet. Day after day, since the dorn of the time it is giving us the heat and the light that keep us all alive!

But the sunlight conceals something even more amazing!
Turn it off… and thousands of tiny, distant but curiously bright lights will appear. An ocean of dancing lights in a dark.

Stars glow and illuminate the night sky, they create life and shape our Universe. They generate the star-dust, the building block for new worlds, creating new stars and filling the endless, cold void with light.

This post will embark you on a journey into the mystifying world of the starry skies and the frozen glaciers of the majestic Italian, and French Alps! Hope you will enjoy it!

I would like to express my gratitude to Kamil Tamiola ( for sharing with me these amazing journeys chasing the stars.


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