Venice: the one of a kind

The legacy of our passions grows as we continue to grow. Pursuing our dreams and transforming them into reality makes us stronger and fuels our hearts with happiness, positive energy and inspiration. We are always changing, adapting, aiming at those things that are lighting up the good in us. Our transformation is reflected in how we live and what we leave behind us, our heritage. Each and single one of us lays down a stone in the world that we are constructing, the world we are entrusting to the next generations.

It is always delightful to see how the best of our human nature it is translated in the world around us. Venice is one of the examples. A living example of the wonderful things humans are capable doing. Not destroying nature, but accepting its rough wilderness as their hope for life. The inhospitable landscape of the lagoon where Venice was build saved the life of those that were first to came, looking for a safe place to live and grow. The muddy soil of the tiny islands become their home and along the years experienced an outstanding and spectacular transformation. The beautiful and sophisticated palaces, churches and museums, the canals with their hundreds of bridges, the narrow streets and the squares are just some examples. The water running across and around this cluster of islands is not just making it unique and special, but it is essential for the survival and well functionality of the city.

However, the water is not just the blessing but also its curse. From its beginnings, the venetians have had to deal with humidity, erosion, high water (acqua alta) and instability of the terrain, as specific aspects of the lagoon. To continue living and developing in such a changing environment, they have learned to adapt to changes and respond to the inexorable decay with constant maintenance and a proper use of the city. Venice is the result of fifteen centuries of hard work and ongoing transformation and innovation. An astonishing place that never ceases to surprise and delight me. Truly, an one of a kind city.

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