The Giant’s Tooth

One of the most emblematic landmarks of the Mont Blanc Massif, the Giant’s Tooth, stands out with its distinct shape, at the border between France and Italy. No wonder this sharp pinnacle was a common subject of numerous legends and superstitions. As its name suggests, this characteristic outline standing out amongst the glaciers of Mont Blanc, was believed to be the tooth of the giant Gargantua, a mythical creature that once lived in Aosta Valley.

The legend doesn’t stop here… it’s been said that after the death of Gargantua, many, many years ago, in times of witches and phantasms, dragons and fairies, evil spirits were living in the valley of Aosta. The spirits were making the life of the villagers miserable, with their wrongdoings, and nasty tricks. This deplorable situation continued for years, until one day, the desperate prayers for help of the villagers were answered. A wise wizard decided to help them and restore the peace in this beautiful region.

He started his “decontamination” labour by venturing across the entire valley, exclaiming mysterious words. Under his irresistible chants, the spirits flocked down the mountainside like crows. From remote valleys, meadows and forests, rocky gorges and lakes, a dim, tumultuous cloud got formed, obscuring the sky. The wizard climbed up towards the highest valley, followed by this evil, but obedient horde. Up there, on the icy wastelands of Mont Blanc, he locked them up in the rocky wall of the Giant’s Tooth.

Since then, the hardy tower of “Dente del Gigante” holds the impact of evil spirits who desperately although futile, are trying to fight the magician’s spell and break out from their eternal prison.

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