A dream of Ruitor

I’ve been dreaming for more than two months to see the Ruitor Glacier. On one warm summer afternoon, we visited the cascades with the same name, but due to the late hour we didn’t manage to get any higher up.

Since then I’ve promised myself I will return to that amazingly beautiful location, but a few days later, I’ve sustained an ankle injury so badly that even after two months it is swollen and painful. But I can walk.

With the passing of the time, the nature gradually changed her mostly green summer apparel to the multi-colored autumn one. The different shades of yellow, orange and red were very fast overpowering the monochromatic green of the trees. On may think, the nature is preparing for the cold, lifeless winter, but has never looked more alive to me!

I just couldn’t wait anymore. The window of good weather was closing very fast. We packed our backpacks, took our photo gear and headed to the glacier. The plan was to get as close as possible, because summiting the Ruitor takes normally two days.

After hours of hiking and photographing, we could finally lay our eyes on the Ruitor Glacier.

I instantaneously realized all the effort was worth it! Such a rewarding view! The sun, the wind, the passing clouds, the colors, everything was in a perfect harmony. I felt at peace!

Tired, with my ankle throbbing with pain, I couldn’t feel more happy. I guess it is difficult to transmit my feelings with one photo, but I will give it a try.

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